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 Zeferoth Chaosu

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Zeferoth Chaosu


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PostSubject: Zeferoth Chaosu   Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:14 pm

Zeferoth Chaosu

Race: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Boy

Looks: Zeferoth is tall at six foot three and lean. He has a mucle toned body and tanned skin. He has spikey, snow white hair and crimson eyes. He wares light armor over plain traveling clothes and over both a heavy training cloak. He doesn't have any peircings, but has a long scar coing from his right shoulder down his back to his left hip. He carries a locket with a picture of his mother around his neck.

Personality: Zeferoth loves to fight and test his metal against others, but he is not over bearing about it. He can be very laid back at times and fancies woman a great deal. He is over all a fun guy to be around when he is not on a job or in battle. When he is on a job or in battle, he pulls a 180. He is a stone faced serious machine that never give in. He still has a sence of honor about him and wont normaly stoop to dirty tricks unless his life is in danger or they were doing it the entire fight. But never say anything insulting about his mother, that will give you a one way ticket to hell.

Likes: Women, Richies, Fighting, weapons. his mother

Dislikes: Losing, long term peace.

Fears: He fears dissapointing his mother. He is most fearful of dying in a way that would shame her, and unavinging his father.

The ability: Zeferoth's body is able to make some subtle changes while he is in combat. The changes depend on the type of weapon he is currently using. This comes in handy as he strives to master all weapons he can find.

When he is useing small weapons (one handed swords daggers ect.) His muscles adapt in a way for maximum mascle stamina. This allows him to fight for longer periods of time without tiring out, and his arms and legs wont get as tired as quickly allowing for fast reflexes and fast stricks.

When he is using large weapons (Two handed swords, polearms ect.) His mucles adapt in a diffrent way to allow for full muscle strength. He is able to swing larger weapons quicker and with more force dispite his size, and he will be able to move effectivly.

Finaly when he is using long range weapons (Bows crossbows ect) He his sences are enhanced to be able to hit marks from farther away or make it easier to move and fire at the same time. His vision is enhanced slightly, as well as his hearing and his perception of the world around him.

History: Zeferoth lived with his mother who owned an inn at a place where all beings seemed to interselct on their various travels. They would entertain guests of all races non were turned away by that alone nore their ability to pay. His mother was a kind hearted soul. She was beautiful and dedicated to her duties, but she could also tumble with even the most rodiest of patrons. His father was a mercenary who would bring in extra money after his jobs and would help his mother when he was waiting for a contract. When the inn was slow Zeferoth and his father would train together and fight each other his dad winning all the time.

One day a group of vampires form a noble family came into the inn. They acted like they owned the place which was pissing Zeferoth's dad off, but his mother only smiled and served the vampires. They stayed for several days ordering his mother around like a slave and antagonizing his father. When they were asked to pay they were told that they should be greatful to have served the Belladori family. Zeferoth's dad told them to leave, but they would not. His dad tried to force them to go, but they killed him and crippled his mother in the process. They left lauphing, but Zeferoth knew their names and faces and would have his revenge. Now he lives as a bandit raiding the vapire kingdome and sometimes takeing the role of mercenary if it is against the vampires for other kingdomes. His mother still works the inn though now she had to hire help to run things.

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PostSubject: Re: Zeferoth Chaosu   Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:32 pm

and approved

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Zeferoth Chaosu
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