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 Jinkx Abaddon (compete)

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PostSubject: Jinkx Abaddon (compete)   Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:33 am

=#663399]Jinkx Aboddon

Race: Mage
Age: 294 but looks 21
Gender: Boy

Looks: Jinkx stands 5"9'. Is athletic in built, so he is tall and is sculpted with muscles. His hair is black and long that goes until his shoulders. There are times he will slick it back and put it in a pony tail, and there is other times he wears his hair down. His eyes are are mystic Amber color but really dosnt like to make eye contact with others. So not many people really see his eye colors. Jinkx is also tan since he really enjoys the sun.
Most the time you can find Jinkx dress real professional with slacks, a button down shirt and vest over it. Depending what what he wears Jinkx will wear a tie or he keeps the top button unbuttom. Jinkx always wear a black watch that on the face that reads "the dark side" with Tie Fighter; on his left arm and a red diamond ring on his right his right ring finer, with black and white wooden bead braclet.
Jinkx does have a few tattoos. On his left arm he has a triple style dragon that is black and red that coves most of his upper arm. On his Right arm he has Alca History deconstruction Piece that covers most of his arm. On his chest he has six small spirals that are different colors: red, blue, green, white, yellow, and silver. On his stomach he has a larger spiral that is black in color that has Japanese writing around it. And lastly he has a small tattoo on his left shoulder blade of 3 spirls shape like the ones on his chest that are sounded by a circle that has lines coming out from it.

Personality: Jinkx is normally a real calm and relaxed guy he has to be. Jinkx has a split personality so one side i calm and relaxed, Jinkx would be the type of person he could hold an intelligent conversation with, bet yet can be very stubborn with certain things, and the other is very hot headed and has a hair trigger where he can loose humanity and destroy anything and anyone that comes across his path. Jinkx wears wooden black and white bead bracelet that he charmed himself the keep his angry side at bay so he is calm and In control.
Jinkx is very kind and very understanding and has a huge soft spot for little children and animal. Jinkx is willing to risk his life other and is very selfless. The times Jinkx isn't teaching his head is always in the clouds always thinking until someone can grab his attention back to reality.
Jinkx normally doesn't get to attached to anyone he keeps to himself. He isn't really open. When he get a challenged to dual he can't help not to turn it down. It's not that he loves to fight, it's that he loves to analyze people, he loves to see what makes someone tick, what makes them go, what goes thought their head when they go for an attack, why they fight like they do and why they choose their spells. Jinkx won't but fight to but others in harm, that's not how he is, he fight for protection for himself or for others.
Jinkx split personality it different from how he normally is. His split is more inhuman and ruthless. Jinkx taunts and belittles his opponents when fighting, sometimes attacking without warning. He doesn't care who or what is around him. He turns into a brute with a sick since of humor and a hunger blood to be spilt. During this side Jinkx opponents have to fight for their life because Jinkx can just easily kill them.

Ancient style of magic
bladed weapons
fighting styles
being outside, doesn't matter if it's warm, or cold, rain or sun
comics, growing up that was one of his favorite things to read.
researching the unknown (things that would be called paranormal or things that can't really be explain by modern science yet)

those that talk over him.
those that no respect to others
slopy fighting styles
those that make fun of his work and research

being alone
loosing control of himself

Special Characteristic: Inventor, and Fire magic Other the years Jinkx have learned an lost form of fire magic that now a days not many people use, the reason he a form of lost magic is most fire magic is form or created from spells while Jinkx's Fire is part of him. He can control the fire the flows in him and without summoning it or creating it, it flows out of him like energy. He also learned different fighting styles so he can mix his magic with his fighting. Jinkx favorite style of fighting that he learned is Northern Shaolin kung fu that he learned from the Shaolin monks, he uses that style of fighting style to focus more on his attacks to have more powerful punches to have more powerful kicks. He also learned T'ai chi ch'uan he focus this style for doing counters since this style is a more "loose" form of fighting; Hung Ga kung fu is a form he uses for his defense since this style forces to have a lower since of gravity so it's harder to knock some one over ; Baguazhang is what he learned to quickly evade his opponent. With this style he uses it to quickly switch from one form to another faster and at better easier for him; and along with kendo for two hands on one weapon and duel weapons for one per weapon, in his duel form he has made his own style of fighting.


History: jinkx was like a normal kid growing up, he had a mom that he lived with he knew his dad but he was never really in his life as much, he also had a younger brother. Things you can say we're normal for him. It wasn't until he was about 6 where he was being bullied growing up and for a while he just took it his mom would alway tell him "look Hito you need to learn how to protect yourself." He would say yeah but never really did it until one day the same kids that would bully him Jinkx would stand up for himself. That is the same day that he learned of this power that was inside him. When the guys that were picking on Jinkx chaced him to an ally way and was going to get the jump on him Jinkx fought back, but when he did accidentally using fire magic to burn his bullies. From there is when that was also when Jinkx darker side came out knowing he could do something that no one else would he misused his power to get what he wanted. But being torn with a slit personaity also cured his life. As years has past Jinkx has moved from diffent towns because he almost have destroyed the town from his darker side. The darker side of Jinkx would alway lash out when he got to angry. The people of the town would alway run him away.
From the age of 20 until he was 35 Jinkx kept himself isolated from other so he couldn't harm anyone. During that time he learned how to control his Magic and learned what he can do. After 15 years of being along he learned on his own about charmes and charmed a braclet to keep his dark side at bay, Jinkx would move town to town learning about magic until he was 50. At that age he got the news that his mother has pasted of natural causes. When he tried to see his mom he notice that she grew old but he still looked young, he never ages and when his brother found him he disowned him for being a Mage.
Jinkx after never went back to his home town but continued to studie diffent magic, diffent forms of fighting and using different weapons. For many years he lives with Northern Shaolin Monks and they tough him they way how they fright, they taught him about self discipline, how to control his magic and use it while he fights. After 10 years he moved to a small village where he learned about T'ai Chi Ch'uan. From there he learned there fighting style and how to alway stay calm even during stressful situations, also how to be one with earth. The village he lives with for 10 years he enjoy that village so much of where it was at, the perfect green area the mountains how rich their culture was, Jinkx would call it a small slice of heaven. Jinkx traveled to another village learn Hung Ga kung fu there he learned about prober stances how to control his energy from within, and how to use that as fuel for himself, he stayed a little longer there since it was a little more difficult for him to control his darker side but after 15 years Jinkx was able to stay calm and relaxed so the dark side would stay silent. And finally Jinkx learned about Baguazhang, there learned how to put everything he learned together with his magic about about life and how to enjoy it. There the monks thought his everyone and everything was connected in some way or another. After 20 years Jinkx said his good byes and moved to officially live on his home. Jinkx then opened a shop for his inventions and his potions where he can sell and make a living.

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PostSubject: Re: Jinkx Abaddon (compete)   Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:54 pm

Please, if you don't mind, redo your app using the new guidelines and structure. I know it can be a pain, but everyone else is using it.
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PostSubject: Re: Jinkx Abaddon (compete)   Wed Dec 31, 2014 12:38 pm

Ok fixed it
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PostSubject: Re: Jinkx Abaddon (compete)   Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:18 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jinkx Abaddon (compete)   

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Jinkx Abaddon (compete)
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