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 The Rules of the Land

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Ishia Oteara


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PostSubject: The Rules of the Land   Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:02 am

1. Admins are not gods, but they are kinda powerful. Please don't give the admins too much of a hard time with things, we're all people. That said, The admins do enforce the law. all admins will be versed well in the rules (as you should be too) and will set things right if they feel something needs it. however, all admins report to the head admin (currently Suzaku). if you have a dispute with an admin and think you should have not have had the actions taken against you, contact the head admin and they will resolve the issue, for better or worse.

2. Not everything is concrete and must follow a singular path. in this world, most of the changes that will take place will be because of the players, not just the admins. That said, there will be certain story arcs at some point that will always result in one base thing, but keep in mind you can add to the changes as well. (Example: in a story arc, a city is besieged and sustains damage. you can add or subtract to the amount of damage there is by your actions.)

3. Please get along with everyone. Fights are not something we want to see, in real life or online. the same goes for on this site. the chat box is used for a convenience to tell someone that they posted and also a place where people can just talk an hang out. please don't ruin this by attacking someone in some way. and if you perceive such an attack, please don't lash out at said person or people. If there is something you would like to say, say it over Personal Messaging on the site. Just please be civil about it and do not use this method to attack, spam, or otherwise hinder someone else's ability to role play on this site. if there is someone who will not leave you alone, attack or otherwise, please notify an admin.

4. While I know some of us here, or even most of us here, could very well be adult enough to handle maturity and mature posts, I would like to keep it to a minimum. there could be kids joined or who will eventually join that could get curious an look through other people's posts. so please keep it to a minimum. If you DO want that kind of post, please notify the HEAD admin before making the post. They will walk you through what should be done to keep the post from being seen. Also, please keep it to once or twice if you can. Personal Messaging could work better for you if you decide that is what you want to do.

5. There will be story arcs at some point. When that time comes, a post of the rules for story arcs in general will be posted in this slot.

6. To begin posting, you MUST have a character which is approved by at least one admin. If an admin asks you to provide more or change something about your character, please listen to them. Most likely what one says is something all will say. Also, take constructive criticism when you can. it helps us all out, even me.

7. If you think yourself a proficient enough role player, you may have a second or even third account. HOWEVER, there are rules that go along with this. You must have been a member for at least a month, and you must stay active in both are all three accounts. that means posting on a regular basis with all accounts. exceptions to this rule are admins, who will have to use one account for admin purposes (they can either use this solely for admin work or have a character). because of this, they are automatically allowed a second account. Other exceptions include when your posting partners are taking a long time to post back. It would be far too harsh on one person to keep constantly in a thread at all times.

8. Please do not god mode. I know it's easy to say "My character dodged your attack and struck you in the stomach," but it really tends to be boring and hard to reply to. Try to leave open-ended attacks for the person to reply to. so instead of saying something like the quote above, you could alter it oh so slightly to this. "My character dodged your attack and struck AT YOUR STOMACH." On the flip side of that, don't make your character dodge everything. Even fast characters mess up or have an opponent land a lucky strike. and don't always shrug the attack off, either. Even my characters have been severely wounded because of a long, drawn-out battle. Please, just make your characters human, and able to fail at times.

9. This site is a place for ALL posting experience. If you're new to the forum-based role playing style, don't be afraid to tell people. I know from experience that it can be hard to start out. but please ask for help. Someone will definitely help you to learn, even if it is myself. On the flip side, any experienced role players, please take into consideration that there are all levels of posting experience here. Just because you may be able to post five paragraphs at once doesn't mean we all can. So please don't bring down those who are less experienced, and instead consider giving advice to people on how to post longer, more structured posts.

10. Most of all, please have fun. There would be no point of this site if there wasn't fun involved. Laugh, meet new people, and have a good time. If you enjoy it, maybe bring some friends with you. and if you perhaps want to say goodbye to use at Night Wars, we will be sad that we'll lose one of our members, but I know I will also be happy that you had the time to experience what we had to offer

*Rules may be added in case they become necessary, or if I accidentally forgot something*
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The Rules of the Land
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