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 The Werewolves

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Ishia Oteara


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PostSubject: The Werewolves   Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:10 am



Werewolves are Humans normally, but can transform into either wolf-like creatures, usually with the head, hands, and feet becoming wolf-like and covering the body in fur, or essentially giant sentient wolves. The form taken is based solely on the person. It is not a choice of which form to take, but which you become. It doesn't matter which tribe you are from, the outcome of your first transformation will be either one or the other, leaving you with that form. (That being said, you guys can totally choose which form you want.) Werewolves in human form look almost exactly like Humans, but are usually broader in the chest and stronger in the arms and legs. They also stand about five-foot ten-inches, even the women, but as with any race, there are outliers one way or another. there have been known to be Werewolves up to seven-foot in height down all the way to five-foot in height. There are two things that set a Werewolf apart from the other races. The first, which should be obvious, is the ability to turn into their respective werewolf form at will, except on full moons when they must transform, but keep their sanity. Some people choose to not adopt that form except on the full moon, while others always stay in that form. The second most distinguishing thing that sets them apart is their eyes. At birth, the eye color of a Werewolf ranges from red to yellow to brown and anywhere along those lines. This continues into adulthood where the color typically gets darker or lighter. However, the more time spent in the wolf form, the more the eyes will turn to a brighter, yellower or redder color, and the more slit-like the pupils will become. these slit pupils are present on all transformed Werewolves, so it is possible to distinguish one from a real wolf. There is one thing though that Werewolves have developed to forge armor and weave clothes that can change with the Werewolf. Those that take a more humanoid form can retain their clothes and even armor without having them tear or break, and even fit perfectly as if it were on a human body. Those who take a more wolf form will lose their clothing upon transformation, but it becomes a part of the fur, and thus is retained when transforming back. Armor worn for this form, however, tends to be worn along the forearms, lower legs, and backs of the Werewolf, if they want to have armor in their transformation.  No one knows how this is done, aside from the weavers and metalworkers who create such items, and even then it is a closely guarded secret. Just like Vampires, Werewolves have two methods of breeding. The first is through regular human breeding, like the Vampires. The pregnancy time is slightly less for Werewolves, only about 8 months, and the infant must be taken care of like any Human child. The first transformation, which doesn't happen until the 15th year after their birth, is a commonly attended event. The other form, however, is a form of Turning. The Werewolves also must use blood for their Turnings, but it is done differently. The blood must coat the fangs of the Werewolf, and the Werewolf will need to bite into the person they are turning, putting their blood directly into the person being Turned. The Werewolf must be careful not to bite too hard, or otherwise harm the Human they are Turning. This blood acts as a virus, infecting the Human blood. However, as with Vampires, the Werewolf can only Turn a Human if the Human is willing. the Werewolf blood has magical properties which will not work if the Human isn't willing. A Werewolf lives to be about 120 years old, just barely outliving the Humans and Mages.
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The Werewolves
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