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 The Changelings

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Ishia Oteara


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PostSubject: The Changelings   Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:15 pm


Changelings are beings who can shift into different animalistic forms. These forms are dependent upon the individual Changeling. While a Changeling may shift into more than one creature, they always have a default form: Human. However, just because they look Human, doesn't mean they are. Changelings are magically infused beings that tend to stay closer to nature than man-made construction. This default form was, initially, used so that when Changelings were shunned from Human towns, they could slip into the town unnoticed. However, over the course of many years, Changelings began adopting the form more often, finding it useful for other things such as creating shelter and communal meeting places. At some unknown point during this, the inherent magic in the Changelings as a whole adapted to have the Human form latent and available for every Changeling, regardless of location. Now, most Changeling children are born in their Human form and access their first animalist form at age 7. This s a conscious choice, and before the age of transformation, the child is taught that survival is a must, regardless of form. While some take this as a need for brute strength, most Changeling children adapt to their environment and use a less dangerous, but more cunning, animal. After this initial transformation, most Changelings adopt only one or two more forms, and these require learning. Any more forms than 4 is typically too taxing on the Changeling and can cause them to either turn feral in one of their forms other than human, or sends them into mental instability because of the desires and needs of each form. While 4 forms are possible, 3 not including the Human form, some Changelings adopt only 2 forms: an animal form and a Human form. Other will adopt 3 forms: Human, survival, and powerful forms. Changeling lifespans are slightly longer than a Werewolf's. They average approximately 150-200 years in age at time of death, as long as the Changeling isn't feral. Feral Changelings, however, will die in the normal lifespan of the creature it is.
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The Changelings
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