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 The Mages

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Ishia Oteara


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PostSubject: The Mages   Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:10 am


Mages are very similar to Humans, but with one huge difference: They can control magic in the physical form. Mages can shape, create, and utilize any two outlets of magic, including but not limited to fire, water, darkness, and light. The Mages has a very similar social system to the Humans, mostly because they have lived with them secretly for hundreds of years. During the time of Human fearfulness, Mages were often burned at the stake, or in the case of a fire Mage, drowned. This led the Mages to be very reclusive in their use of magic, often times living away from society to practice their arts for good or bad. The average Mage lifespan is roughly 100 to 110 years long. This means that they live only a few decades longer than the average Human, and sometimes, less. A mage will only be able to practice one Primary magic within their lifetime, no exceptions. However, a Secondary magic can also be learned, but to a lesser degree. There is a ritual a young mage must go through to utilize their magic. This ritual happens at a young age, usually around ages 4-5. This ritual includes a sort of "spirit walk" while in a trance induced by a another mage, usually one who is an elder or other respected Mage to the young Mage. This trance allows the young Mage to enter into their subconscious, where they can choose to "unlock" their magic. Each Mage has an affinity to a certain magic and control style which is reflected by their soul. However, this does not mean that their magic must be the same. What it means is that they will have an easier time controlling and mastering the magic reflected by their soul. In the end, the Mage mentally conjures the type of magic they believe they should control, and their innate abilities will activate such a magic.  After this occurs, they will be broken out of the trance and able to use their desired magic. At this point, an elder Mage or "master" will train the young Mage in the basic arts of using their magic. This will typically go until age 7 or 8, or until the young Mage has control of their magic. In case the Mage doesn't have a family to stay with, they will stay with the one who taught them, sometimes with several other "students" until they come of age at 17.
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The Mages
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