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 The Humans

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Ishia Oteara


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PostSubject: The Humans   Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:43 am


Humans are exactly that: Human. They are just like you and me, but have the reflexes and weapons skills to survive in a world full of magical creatures. They do not have super strength, speed, or magic of any kind, save for one. This magic is the ability to harness magic and implant it into weaponry. Only the highest trained Human blacksmiths can do this, and only those who have the ability to sense magic. These craftsmen are located, typically, in the five great Human cities, however there are sometimes wandering blacksmiths with this potential. These weapons and armors are very hard to make, and therefor expensive. They also, in the case of armors, are tailor made to the person's body who ordered the armor. The weapons can only be infused with a certain amount of magic, and the Humans have found a way for their use to be exclusive to them. The "enchantments" for weapons are activated by a single word or phrase, which is chanted while the weapon is being forged. This allows the user to say the word or phrase in the middle of battle. If the user was not present in the forging of the weapon, the smith keeps a record of the word or phrase for the weapon so that they may share it with the person who eventually uses the weapon. Armors, however, do not need such a keyword, and activate on their own. consequently, there is a limit to how long the armor can be activated and the minimum length of recharge to it. Armors can be 'enchanted" with elemental defenses, physical defensive buffs, and miscellaneous effects such as blending more easily with shadows. Humans tend to live 80-100 years on average. Despite this, most Humans are unable to do much physical work past the age of 70, unless they are in FANTASTIC shape.
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The Humans
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