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 Charlotte Nectar

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Charlotte Nectar


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PostSubject: Charlotte Nectar    Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:19 pm

The Pale Lady - Charlotte Nectar

Race: Mage
Age: Looks 25, really around 600 or so
Gender: Female

She has pale white hair around mid back length and sharp red eyes. As for her outfit, refer to the picture above. She has white stockings that span the entire length of her leg. She also has knee length black boots. Her skin is pale like snow. She is around 5'7" and about 130 pounds, with an ample hourglass figure, with a rather noticeably large bust.

Charlotte prefers to think and use wit as a weapon. She avoids fighting openly if she must but that doesn't mean she can't hold her own in a fight. She is quite eloquent and prefers to act like a noble would. She is sly and quick witted, though she prefers to act like the damsel in distress she seems to be at first glance. She is a great liar and believes she is actually doing good for the world rather than bad. She hates the stupidity and arrogance of mortals. Though she has a soft side for small cuddly animals and small adorable girls.

Small animals
Adorable females
Night Time

Bright sunlight


Special Characteristic:
Necromancy (best) + Shadow Magic (Moderate)
-Can raise the dead in large numbers
-Cold doesn't bother her
-Good with poisons
-Able to converse with spirits
-She can extend her own life to near infinite lengths  (though she can die from sword, arrow, spell, poison, ect)
-Standard Shadow type attacks and defences


Charlotte was born roughly six hundred years ago to a simple farming family. At first, she believed, as with the rest of her family, that she was a normal child like any another in the small farming hamlet. The first 10 years of her life were spent that way, living a simple and joy filled life, although still filled with hard work and chores.
Soon after her tenth birthday, she was playing in the cemetery when she notice lady who was white as soon. Charlotte soon came to learn that the lady was known as The Pale Lady. Charlotte was told by The Pale Lady to never speak of their connection. The Pale Lady told Charlotte all sorts of things, like how to summon the dead, how to control shadowy energies and the forces of frost and ice.
This went on for years, until she was discovered by her parents while playing in the cemetery, making it snow on Charlotte's fifteenth birthday. In fear for their lives, her parents tried having her killed by a number of people in the town, even going as far as trying to burn her at the stake. Before they managed to burn her alive, Charlotte summoned a number of undead thralls, killing those in the town and assuring she would stay alive.
Soon after killing the townspeople, The Pale Lady appeared before Charlotte, telling her of a a ritual that would help her live forever so she would never have to worry about death again. It would take her ten whole years to prepare.
So for ten years, Charlotte prepared for the ritual and amassed power as a necromancer, all the while listening to The Pale Lady's whispers.
The faithful day came on Charlotte's twenty fifth birthday, nestled in the very cemetery that The Pale Lady first spoke to Charlotte. With the moon high and magical runic circles of old forgotten magic carved into the ground and on the tallest of graves, Charlotte began chanting words that were whispered into her dreams each night by The Pale Lady. She continued on like that until the dawn, where a rumbling began, the tallest grave cracked, and a deathly howl sounded and thus The Pale Lady was risen. She quickly stole Charlotte's body and left without a second thought to the girl she stole the body from.
For 600 years on, The Pale Lady gathered strength and power, waiting for when she could take her place above the mortals again.

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Ishia Oteara


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PostSubject: Re: Charlotte Nectar    Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:34 pm

I will allow the 600 years only because of the Necromancy.
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Charlotte Nectar
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