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 Shaylyn Nisandern

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Shaylyn Nisandern


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PostSubject: Shaylyn Nisandern    Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:57 am

Shaylyn Isabella Nisnandern

Race: All wolf, Werewolf
Age: Looks 24, actually 29
Gender: All woman

Looks: Shaylyn stand at 5 foot 10. Though she is muscular, she isn't the type of girl to show off her "guns." But don't let that fool you. She might not look overly done like the muscle headed boys (one specifically we all know), but she has been known to be able to throw her weight around. That aside, her skin tone is fair, not milky white as the vampires, but not tanned either. A good healthy mix of the two. Her eyes are a soft golden color. As if gold was spun into her eyes. Her hair, which beautifully captures the sunlight in it, is light brown and reaches to just a bit below her shoulders. As she has found out many times while in battle, long hair isn't exactly the best to fight in. However, Shay doesn't do the short chopped hair. She enjoys running her fingers through her hair and guys petting it. After all, she is still a girl. Her chest is well developed and her stomach is flat. Her legs make up most of her body. As some people say, she has legs that go one for forever. Though on her legs she has a nasty scar from when she was fighting. On her right calf there is an is scar upon her right calf. During a raid against the Central Tribe, she had the misfortune to get bitten while in human form. The bite marks serve as a reminder of that day.

Her clothing of choice is never skirts or dresses. To Shaylyn, those type of clothing are for A, girls who don't know the life on the battlefield and B, prissy little girls who don't have a thought in their head. So for her, if it isn't her armor, she can be seen wearing brown pants that fit to her form, comfortable boots that were made for walking in, and either a long sleeved shirt one size too big for her, or a short sleeved shirt that hugs her upper top. In her right ear she wears a single feather earring from a hawk.

Personality: Shaylyn is a strong personality. growing up with two older brothers made her learn fighting for what you needed wasn't just something you had to do, but a way of life. If it wasn't fighting someone on the battlefield then it was fighting her older brothers off so she could have the last piece of meat on the dinner table. Her temper is also something one should watch out for. It might take her a bit to get riled up, but if you are good at pressing the right buttons, this she wolf is likely to attack. But that being said, though those two traits dominate her personality, that's not what defines her completely. Shay is also the type of girl to try and do what is right, even if what is right might be seen as the wrong thing. If one of her fellow tribe members are in danger, she will drop everything in order to help them. That same aspect is outstretched to other werewolves when they are being attacked by different races. As for the other races? Well Shaylyn has no love for vampires, and little love for anything human (be it normal or magical). Changelings are fine as long as they don't bother her too much. And maybe this is the reason she doesn't like the Central Tribe that much. After all, they allow other races into their territory without a second thought.

When she sleeps, it's a rather strange thing. The girl can sleep through anything. Loud banging going on next to her? She doesn't wake up. The entire tribe is going up in flames? Yep she doesn't feel the heat nor hear the panic from anyone. You could try and shake her awake and nothing. So how do you wake this girl up? Actually by doing the exact opposite. If you try and open the door to the room she is sleeping in quietly, she'll hear it and wake up alert. The same thing happens when you whisper around her. It is something even she can't explain. It's just something that happens. Many times her brothers would com in to her sleeping area screaming and yelling and she could sleep right through it. But when her father would come in to check up on her, Shaylyn would be up and staring at him as if he was here to attack her.

The crescent moon
A good fight
The color orange
The rain

Hot weather
People who think their power can get whatever they want

Death. Be it her dying or someone she loves dies.
Getting tied down to a man who she can't stand and expected to be just like her parents.
And believe it or not...Shaylyn has a deep fear or snakes. Yes Snakes. You can't predict how they are going to move. And for that matter, how do those things even move without limbs? And when you kill them they are still moving around. Keep them away from her.

Special Characteristic:
Wolf Form:

Howl: Stein Hud (Stone Skin)

When Shaylyn speaks these words, her furn and body becomes as hard as rock. Her white furn turns grey and anyone who comes up to her, and can actually touch her, will note that she feels as if she was made from rock. However, Shaylyn can move around just as normally as she could if she was in her normal werewolf form. This state of being lasts for 1 post before she sheds her stoney skin. It takes 4 posts for her to do this again.


History: In the Southern Tribe, two wolves had fallen in love...eventually. One was by the name of Evelyn Conrad and the other was Alder Nisandern. Both of these wolves were respected throughout the tribe yet neither of them had feelings for the other. Both were in the military and both had made a name for one another. It was a common sight for the two to respectably acknowledge one another, yet that was as far as it went. The reason for this was the fact the two had been told that they were to be married. Neither liked the idea and both agreed to ignore one another as much as possible. But as the years came closer and closer together, just ignoring wasn't going to work. More often than not, the two were told that because they were so mature and so well ranked in the Southern Military, this match was perfect. But again, the two couldn't see this and wanted to be out of this as soon as possible. Both Evelyn and Alder worked hard to do everything in their power to stop the wedding, but sadly; everything backfired and the two were married against their wishes.

Like the adults they were, they just had to accept this fact of life and only be around one another as much as they had to. Of course that meant they were going to have to breed. At least one child. Nothing more. Both again agreed to this. If they gave the tribe one strong child, they could get off their backs and the two wolves could go on with their lives. But first they had to agree on actually having sex. As they saw it, since they were still living with their families and were still young, this didn't need to happen just yet. But once again, the plan of taking it slow ended quickly. Both parents wanted grandchildren as soon as possible. So they had come up with the money and shoved the love birds together in a home between their own. There was no escape for Evelyn and Alder. Both cursed their luck and once again accepted their fate. Evelyn started to learn how to cook and Alder learned to pretend to eat the food with a smile on his face. It went on for months and the two got frustrated with this. Both agreed that they didn't want to live like this and someone was going to have to leave. Thankfully Evelyn got her wish and was sent out on a long term scouting mission on the boarder where their territory touched the Central Tribe.

Evelyn was gone for months, giving Alder space to breathe again. He could cook for himself, he could sleep in the bed all by himself, he could do his own laundry by himself....and it was actually lonely. It made the wolf wonder. Did he enjoy Evelyn's company that much? Did he have some kind of feelings for her? And as the trip was starting to come to an end, he found himself looking out to see if she was coming home or not. And when the scouts came home a week earlier than planned, it horrified the male wolf. Evelyn, and a few other of their tribe members, were being carried home. Some were dying, some were wounded and lost limbs, and Evelyn? No one had seen her awake for a few days. One of her wound had caused her to get a fever and she was teetering on death. And as she was recovering, Alder never left her side. He hardly slept as he waited for her to open her beautiful red eyes. And when she had finally woken up from her coma like state, Alder almost cried from happiness. This had actually caused the she wolf to start to cry. She admitted to Alder that while she was away from him, she missed him terribly. She wanted to actually try and be a family with him. Alder just missed and kissed his wife gently, telling her that he wanted a private wedding; a real wedding for the both of them.

It happened in late fall and the two finally joined as husband and wife, producing three beautiful wolf pups. The eldest son was named Asher, the second son named Keyro, and their beloved daughter was named Shaylyn. Though unlike their parents, the children were terrors. Both Keyro and Asher were males trying to see who was better than the other and when Shaylyn came into the picture, they just treated hr like another one of the boys and roughhoused with her too. Mom often times tried to get her daughter to settle down, but Shaylyn wouldn't listen to her. She wanted to be better than her older brothers and wasn't going to let them push her around just because she was younger. Alder laughed at this and told Evelyn that their daughter got this from her side of the family. Evelyn huffed and said fine. If he wanted to be that way, he was going to be the one to keep the kids in check. She had enough of trying to do so. Again, Alder laughed at her and said that he was the stronger of the two so of course he would keep his kids in check. This sparked a fight between the two wolves and in the end, Alder had pinned his wife down and asserted his dominance as the head of the house.

But even with Alder stepping in, and some times going as far as sitting on his kids to keep them from fighting one another, Shaylyn didn't settle down. She was going to be the best damn wolf this family had ever saw. And as the youngest child, and a girl to boot, she did her best to dominate her brothers. But it never happened. Every time it was Asher who came out on top. After all, he was the eldest and had a few years up on Shay. Everything became a contest to her when her brothers were around. She had to finish her food before them and get seconds before them. Since she was fighting for more food, the boys jumped at this too. She had to run to dad first when he came home and prove she was the better "son"...and of course Asher and Keyro would join in on this. The only thing she couldn't do was fight over which girl to have. When going through the tribe, Asher and Keyro would both fight for the attention of one particular she wolf in the village. It was a girl named Sedar Vixen. Actually a lot of the boys in the tribe had their eye on her. This only pissed Shaylyn off. Why were looks so damn important?

So the girl started to train and be better than her brothers and better than some kind of prissy little girl who was only useful for her looks. And after her first transformation, Shaylyn was able to do what she wanted. But of course, her brothers had also joined. That wasn't going to stop Shay though. If she could come out on top, she could beat her brothers down and she could be the top dog; just like her father. And though the training was grueling, that didn't stop her from giving everything she had. Late nights and early mornings. It got to the point she was making herself sick. It was at this point her father pulled her aside and had a talk with her. He wanted to know why she was pushing herself so hard. And being the daddy's girl she was, she told him she wanted to be just like him. To be strong and better than everyone else. Alder laughed and kissed the top of Shay's forehead. He said that he wasn't the strongest person in the tribe and that there were other werewolves that were a lot stronger than him. Shay huffed and said she was going to be fine. Alder was still unsure but there was no way to get Shaylyn to see what he knew was going to happen until she got herself into some kind of mess.

And was a mess it was too. Shaylyn was picked to go out on a raid against the Central Tribe. The girl felt so smug because both Keyro and Asher were grumbling over the fact they didn't get to go. Finally her day had come. She was going to show everyone just how great she was. Her and five other up and coming members of the military went out to the edges of the tribe looking for some suckers who were there at the wrong time. It was a group of humans going to see the heart of the werewolf country. But as they were about to take the jump on them and steal everything they owned, a pack of Central members came out of nowhere. A heated battle ensued between the tribes. Her opposite, welding a sword, was none other than Mother Fucking Trever Valens. How long the two fought could be anyone's guess. But at one point she had heard the horn blown, telling everyone it was time to go and they were losing the battle. This had caused her to lose focus on the battle for an instant. But that was all Trever needed. He took his chance and transformed into his wolf form and snapped down on her right leg. When he let go of her, Shaylyn couldn't stand on the leg anymore. In fact there was so much blood coming from the wound she thought, as well as the others who managed to drag her back home, she was going to lose the leg. Thankfully it didn't happen. The wound worried her mother and father, but it only fueled Shaylyn's anger. Now she was going to get back at that wolf and return the favor one day. But it never happened. Though the two became rivals and often squared off against one another, she never managed to give him a devastating blow as he did to her.

Her strength became legendary. Everyone in the tribe respected her. She had even beaten out her brothers and could whip their asses whenever she liked. But again, there was something her brothers did that she didn't do and she once again lost to them. Asher had finally won the attention of Sedar and through a great many challenges, got the she wolf to marry him. They had moved out of their parents houses as soon as possible and started making children. Even Keyro had managed to get himself a woman. A pretty thing who would put him in his place if his hot head got to be too much. The woman's name was Cylien. Though she could tame the wild Keyro, Cylien's own mischief was terrible. But it calmed down when the two produced a son which was named Erion. And what was Shaylyn doing? Yep you guessed it. There was no way she was just going to summit any old guy who wanted to marry her.

And many had come to win her over. She told them if they could beat her in a fight, she was theirs. But only if they could beat her. If not, they had to strip down to their underwear and walk through the tribe's main market. So of course the males agreed to this. Like this as going to happen. They were stronger than her, they could beat her. Asher and Keyro did their best to prepare them for the humiliation they were going to go through, but no one listened. So male after male after male went to challenge her and each and every one had paraded through the main market in nothing but their underwear....regardless of the season. And some had done it not once, but a few good times. It looked like no one was going to win Shaylyn's heart nor right to breed with her.

Alder turned to Evelyn and begged her to do something. He couldn't stand the humiliation of the young boys any longer. Evelyn replied that it was his fault and that he should do something about this. But she caved in when the male wolf gave her the puppy dog eyes and practically begged his wife. This made Evelyn actually really happy. Not because she was the one who had to deal with her daughter, but because she was now control. If she could have, she would have laughed at her husband's weakness and parade him through town as her little bitch....but she loved her husband and she wasn't going to be that mean. So Evelyn went to her daughter and sat her down. She gave her a choice. Either Shaylyn was going to pick one of the males who had tried to marry her before or she was going to pick for her daughter. Shay laughed in her mother's face and said there was no way either was going to happen.

That ticked Evelyn off to no end. She can handle her husband laughing at her, but her own daughter? That girl wasn't getting the choice now. Nor was she going to allow her to have the choice of any guy here. This was her revenge against her daughter. It was a bit of a backstab, but it wold knock her daughter down a peg. So Evelyn sent a letter to her old rival and friend Elaina Valens. She had heard over the years she had a son and as far as she knew, he was still unattached. It was the perfect plan. She sent the letter and told Alder about it. He was a bit upset that she decided on this course of action, but Evelyn wasn't going to hear it. He had given her the power over their daughter's life and since their arranged marriage worked out well, this one could too. She also told Alder that he was going to stand by her on this and not give in to Shaylyn. Reluctantly, Alder agreed to this.

While this was going on, Shaylyn had finally gotten her ass handed to her by a werewolf boy named Link. Floored that this actually happened, she agreed that she would marry him. This actually really pleased the guy. He swept her up off her feet into a hug and then planted a passionate kiss upon her lips. Shaylyn was shocked by this. After they broke the kiss, he grinned down to her and said that he would be the best husband that ever was. He was so nervous to fight her because he didn't want to hurt her, but he had to agree to the terms if he wanted to marry the girl he liked. Again, Shaylyn had no words for this. Someone actually liked her? Liked her liked her? Link wanted to go right away to her parents and ask them to marry her, but Shaylyn, who was still mad at her mother for thinking she could control her life, said not to and the two ran off together for a few days.

For about three wonderful days, the two puppies enjoyed one anothers company in a remote cabin Link owned. And as much as Link enjoyed playing house with her (and the sex), he said it wasn't right and he wanted to officially make her his. Shaylyn respected his wishes and the two returned back to her home and he had asked for Alder's daughter's hand in marriage. Alder had to refuse him. This angered Shaylyn and she demanded to know why she couldn't marry him. Her mother came out and told her that she was to marry a young wolf from the Central Tribe. The name? Trever Mother Fucking Valens. That only pissed her off more. There was no way she was going to marry that bastard. He was the reason she had the bite mark scar on her right calf in the first place. And the two were mortal enemies. But her mother wouldn't hear of it. She said her word was final and her father was also with her on this. Shaylyn looked to her father for help, but Alder had promised Evelyn he would help her on this, and as much as he would rather she marry a boy from this tribe, he told Shaylyn that she wasn't allowed to see Link.

Outraged, Shaylyn left her house in a fit and planned on running away with Link. But Link being the level headed man he was said not to worry. He told her that he would be here waiting for her until she settled this. It was an arranged marriage between two rivals; surly there was a way to break it. Shaylyn agreed with that logic. As much as she didn't want to ever see this man, unless it was to cut his throat, she agreed to what Link said and told him she would do whatever it took to break this off so they can be a family. This was her goal in life now....and there was nothing that was going to stop her from this.

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Shaylyn Nisandern
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