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 Trever C. Valens

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Trever Valens


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PostSubject: Trever C. Valens   Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:01 pm

Trever C. Valens

Race: Werewolf
Age: 32 (Appears 24)
Gender: 100% Male

Looks: Standing at 6 foot 5 inches, Trever is a well built man due to his days as a soldier. His physical condition is the pride of his existence, as his mortal olive toned skin far surpasses most in his tribe. Beyond his natural good looks, he goes that extra mile to maintain his perfect sculpted frame, blessed with the perfect amount of muscle. His dark hair is kept long, typically pulled back in a loose, mid back length, pony tail to allow the rest of his hair to fall freely at his shoulders and in his face. Depending on his activities and the day, his eyes can range from a golden topaz to light amber in color. The smoldering eyes one can tend to get lost in. Unlike the image depiction, Trever simply wears one tiny golden loop earing in his left ear (as opposed to the monstrous golden hoops in both). When not wearing the armor he wears to battle or when exploring, Trever is commonly seen wearing elegant light linen robes around the village or in other towns. More times than not, he wears the earned honors of his military service as well as the jewels and precious metals picked off of his enemies.

Normal Clothing:


Personality: Despite his sharp sarcasm and clever tongue, Trever tends to have a very short fuse and a brash personality. The poorer parts of both his parents, essentially. Living for the heat of battle as his father always had by day and taking pleasure in relaxing and enjoying mortal pleasures as his mother did by night, both taking pride in appearances and using them to gain the upper hand in the game of seduction. Despite the simplicity of his father and complexity of his mother, Trever made out with a more than comfortable childhood. In fact, he was the spoiled only child to his loving mother and father. Growing up with no one his age hardly seemed like a disadvantage however. His father's Northern temper was passed down and made him quite the competitive and even violent as a young pup among his peers and he easily dominated most. Always taking pride in his physical strength and appearance, women of his age tend to be more prone to him as a potential mate so long as he isn't being an overly obnoxious blowhard. Vain and self centered, his confidence rises above many. He can hardly take criticism, which tends to be his biggest pet peeve. Above that even, he cannot stand another male that rivals him in either skill or confidence. What he does enjoy though is the company of a young woman, which in his opinion, is reason men like him exist; to pleasure them and fill them with life (in more ways than one). To him, he deserves to carry on his seed more than anyone else he knows. To ensure this, he makes sure to rest with a lovely companion as often as possible, sometimes with as many as possible at once depending on the crowd. However, there are some lonely nights as well and he takes great pleasure in showing off to ladies and making them feel special. Nothing to him is more spectacular than a woman's smile.

The Color Purple
Fear or Submission of others
Showing off

Other Men
Being Negatively Judged

Losing credibility as a warrior for any reason and/or losing respect by his own self error.
Never having his own family or losing them.

Special Characteristic:

Lyn Regn
(Lightning Rain)

Shouting these words causes the sky to darken and unleash a sudden downpour and powerful lightning storm in an area, up to a 5 mile radius. Lightning will come down sporadically and strike anything Trever deems as a foe within the duration of 5 posts. The lightning clears, but the rainy/cloudy conditions may or may not improve. The cooldown for the Howl is 9 posts after the magic subsides.


The petite but wise young military tactician of the Central Tribe Elaina Hearthstrong and strong foolhardy warrior of the North, Krios Valens both made a lasting impression in their respective military's as their son does today. Elaina was a well respected warrior of her tribe, known for her quick feet and quicker thinking, always remaining steps ahead of the enemy both literally and figuratively. She was fierce but cool in temper, never allowing passion to get the best of her judgment. This may not have been customary for a werewolf warrior, but being a part of the Central Tribe, a warrior had to be a cut above all the rest to remain standing at the end of the day. Among one of their 'visiting' tribes, the North, Krios Valens was opposition of the exact opposite type. Elaina and Krios were military rivals, but strong and fierce in their own right. First thing you would have thought is that they'd be quicker to make war with one another than make love. Which for most there years was the case, until Krios challenged her to fight one on one. He was confidant in his winning so terms were simple and fair, if he wins he takes her to his home in the Northern Tribe and makes her his concubine. If she won, which wouldn't happen, she can have whatever she pleases. Elaina just sighed and let the man have his fight. After kicking his sorry ass, she was about to end it all and kill him (she had no intention to, but wanted to see him scream like a little girl and beg for his life. Which he did). She'd dig the sword into the ground and step on his chest, smirk wildly, and propose that he come home with her, for she had settled on equal bets. Krios couldn't deny her request, for he was an honorable man of his word and he regretfully became a slave to the Central Tribe woman. It was then discovered that she had many conquests beyond that of simple material things. She was a hoarder of different warriors that would do her bidding. She hardly needed them but she disclosed that it was, 'nice to have them around'. Krios would sooner or later find that it was because she slept with every single one of them, man or woman. Pursuing her simple carnal desires was the one thing enjoyed most as a pass time and pleasure, for jewels and shiny things were hardly her cup of tea. She was in a sense, much more complex in comparison to other women. She was a strong one that knew exactly what she wanted, which in its own right was the peak of perfection. Years later Krios would even ask why she does not just settle for the Central men who sought after her. She would mount her long time rival and simply explain, "That it would mean settling and settling down, which is not what I want. I get what I want."

Krios would understand at his own pace, but he would see for himself that her marrying a man would mean she'd have to stop fighting and focus on raising a family. In all his entire years under her (no pun intended), he noticed that even with all her promiscuity with all of her slaves, not once had she fallen pregnant. She didn't sustain many wounds, but when she did, they always seemed to be geared toward child bearing regions of her body. He noted all his passed fights with her, and realized that she took blows geared there purposely. He'd examine all her scars the next night they had together and note a fresher one and ask about it. Elaina would simply answer how she got it, where, what matter of weapon, and to who. Krios would then ask, "Do you keep track of all the children you murder?" to which she would slap him and leave without finishing their encounter. It was sort of worth it until he saw in the moonlight a single tear shimmer on her face as she retreated. His heart shattered in ways he thought impossible. She would not see him again for months after that in fact when he'd speak to fellow male slaves of hers all of them claimed to have not seen her either in the longest time. The women seemed to omit their responses. Krios noted this and would keep it in the back of his head until he was able to find one, alone. A fight would break out as he tried to pump her for information. She wouldn't tell so he tried a different manner of pumping, which yielded no answers aside from the promise that he'd pay for it. Krios simply would leave it behind him. Another few months later Elaina would finally request him. And she'd beat the crap out of him for raping one of her serving women. Krios wouldn't fight back, for he knew it was wrong of him to, he'd take his punishment like a man. She'd stop after a point and just seethe at him and finally tell him her reasoning for disappearing: That she confirmed she was with child and she carried out this pregnancy, to see if she even had the ability to bear and give life anymore. She cried to him then that all she could do was end lives. Krios assumed that the pregnancy did not end well so he could not speak, nothing he could say would ease her suffering. Elaina would send him back to his quarters and leave herself alone for another few months.

It was a silent life before Elaina announced suddenly to her lady slaves that she was letting them go to become free women again. Most picked up and left, but a couple refused to leave her side. One of them was the woman Krios gave a lot of trouble to months prior, but that wasn't the only thing he gave her, for she was also with child. This woman's name was Stella, who would be the mother of Trever's own older half brother, Jameson. Elaina lingered not on arguing and allowed the women who wished to, to stay. But she refused to have them as slaves, instead there were legitimate servants to her, that were free citizens of the Central Tribe and could come and go as they pleased. After all the woman who were on their way out were gone, Elaina put it straight with the men. They could leave town and never come back or if they wished to stay and fight to the death for her undivided love and affections, they were free to make the choice. To her surprise, every one of her courtesans agreed to fight for her hand. Days later, a sort of tournament would be held out in the surrounding woodlands of the Central Tribe. After a grueling day of endless combat, Krios came out on top. When he looked to his bride to be she seemed a little displeased. When he would ask what the problem was she said that she was sorry it had to be this way and that he should make an honest woman out of Stella. After all, she was the mother of his child and that was something Elaina could likely never give to him. Krios was outraged by the idea, for at this point all he cared about was Elaina and being by her side. He fought to remain by her side forever and that his strength today was fueled because of his love for her. It was a very sudden confession which couldn't help but make Elaina blush. She gave into him and were then married, happily. As a free man of the Central Tribe, Krios could now fight beside his wife in her military. Seeing combat again was truly a beautiful thing but nothing to him beat the fact that he fought beside her. In all his years he never thought he would fight at her side, and it was an honor to him each day, especially when they would return home and lay with one another by the end of the day. It was a sort of surreal time for them both. To think their biggest rivals would end up smitten and in love.

It wasn't terribly long after their marriage that Elaina became pregnant. She took her leave from the military to rest and try to prepare herself for the heartache to come. She wanted this child more than anything and prayed each day for its health so that she could give Krios the family he long deserved. Krios knew though that there was nothing either of them could do but wait and see what would happen. The situation made him feel powerless, quite possibly for the first time in his life. He hated it. Krios didn't care if she never was able to birth his children, for he simply wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. And if a reminder of her inability made her unhappy, as it did years ago, he in a way did not want this. He was scared for her, because in a way he knew their prayers would end up worthless. He stayed hopeful for her, because he knew for a fact he did not want to be right. After long months of anticipation, the wait was over. Elaina would go into labor as Krios was away, scouting the borders for the day. Stella and Elaina's other serving women would be there as her midwives, as they were during her last attempt. With everything she had, Elaina finally gave birth that cold and snowy late evening on March 5th. A beautiful baby boy was delivered into the world, alive and well. He was strong and healthy which brought tears to the mother's eyes as she held him for the first time. Krios came home to the serving women just gathered around in the midst of their home. Their smiles simply told it all and he bolted to the bedroom to lay eyes upon his beautiful wife and child. They had a son no less? Krios was beyond ecstatic. They named the boy Trever Conrad Valens and continued on the rest of their days as a beautiful family. Elaina officially quit from the military so she could stay home to raise and cherish her precious little boy. Even though she had servants that would take care of him, she hardly left his side. Like Hell she was missing any moment in her son's life if she could help it. Especially as years went on she would realize that her and Krios would not get lucky again. Trever was the only child they were going to ever have, and so they accepted that freely and would protect and care for him for the rest of their blessed days.

Trever grew up as a son of a Central Tribe warrior and a very well known ex warrior. Life wasn't exactly ever harsh on him. His mother was home to cater to his whim and if she wasn't pleased with him for one hour out of the day, there was always Stella or any one of the other maids that would be happy to jump if he said so. He was hardly a pushy boy, nor was he really a snob, despite his upbringing. He was modest and honorable as his father taught him to be and polite and well mannered as his mother directed of him (not to say this all didn't fly out the window later on). Though eccentric and hard to keep contained, the young man meant well in any normal circumstance. Growing up, his 'cousin' Jameson was his best friend. The two boys played and rough housed together all day everyday and it was hard to keep them apart, not that anyone would since Jameson would tend to keep Trever's nose out of trouble. Trever was known to get really testy around other boys after a certain age, while Jameson was so easy going and level headed. They balanced each other out. When Trever got too passionate, Jameson would always be there to remind him otherwise. Both boys swore they'd be great warriors together one day.

Taking a lot from his father over the years, Trever aspired to be everything his father was. Strong, masculine, courageous, unbeatable, the best dad in the whole wide world, the list went on. The young man always told his father that he'd be a big fearless warrior just like him. His father would kind of laugh it off then and make a joke about how he should be more like his mother instead, tiny but ruthless. To which he'd usually then get a glare from his wife, which never phased her 'fearless' husband. Elaina would roll her eyes at their manly banter and serve dinner promptly enough to prevent Trever from either taking his pants off or showing off his perhaps maybe three chest hairs. Trever was growing up fast and no one could stop it. Krios did his best to raise him into a man, that much was for sure. Any chance Krios had away from his duty was spent teaching his son how to hunt and use real weapons. Some days he'd even take Jameson out as well and have the two boys spar or work together to bring down large beasts. A secret to most, both of them were his children, and he was equally proud of them for their progress and wishes to become soldiers. Elaina however wasn't so pleased. But she taught Trever what she could as well, knowing that if he was going to take that life, he best be prepared than shamed for it. It was an honor after all, to have her boy in the military. But it was dangerous and she feared for him. But the more she taught him, the more well off he'd be against others. She would eventually be right.

With his first transformation and his awkward stages of puberty finally all behind him, Trever was able and ready to join the ranks of the Central Tribe's military, the strongest army of all the werewolf tribes. As promised, Jameson would be right beside him through the process. It was no walk in the park, training and conditioning to be living machines of war. It was easier for them than it was for most though, since they were prepared and wanted this since they were boys. Trever actually loved every minute of it. He could see his progress each day as he grew taller, stronger, and generally filling out as a man does. He took pride in his body more than anything else and would often get in trouble for showing off his more intimate areas. Krios didn't exactly want to encourage this behavior, but he couldn't help but to egg him on more times than not. Elaina would have to deal with them coming home and comparing privates almost literally at the dinner table, to which she would promptly excuse herself to get the butcher knife from the kitchen. The two boys shaped up after the threat, but would typically pull the same crap the following week. It wasn't until a year of it she finally decided to sit down and talk to Trever regarding his manhood, and that he shouldn't be flinging it around to impress people. People can care less about his bedroom sword, for its his true blade that will win the fight and the girl at the end of the day so long as he stays in this line of work. If he wanted to be able to satisfy a woman without his armor, he was better to pride his skills while wearing it. Women like confidence, but only in the areas that prove the man is strong enough to take care of them. Quite frankly the area he was showing off isn't even going to be able to protect itself, even if it wanted to and he only gets one so he better choose his 'battles' carefully as well. A further talk was attempted, but Trever retreated, that was enough from his mother for the day.

Trever didn't really take the conversation to heart until he was able to discuss it with his father the next day. He lamented to his father about what mom said and how stupid it was. Krios looked to him seriously then and stood by his wife's words to their still growing son. He then told the story of how he and his mother fell in love, highlighting that he killed every one of her slaves in order to have her. He had to be stronger and more skilled than everyone else before he could marry her and make love to her. So all in all, his shaft meant nothing unless he could survived long enough to get it in. Krios asked if his son was still a virgin, to which Trever sort of averted his eyes and said that he was. Krios simply told him it was nothing to be ashamed of and that he's better off waiting and not wasting the moment like he did. Trever actually even told him then and there that it wasn't worth saving for someone he didn't know was ever coming and that he rather mess around with his conquests or whoever he pleased. Krios found it rather insightful for someone as simple as his son and just shrugged it off. He patted his head and just smirked and told him that he was just like both his parents and that was nothing to be ashamed of either. But Krios told him right then and there if he wanted make love to anyone or collect a whole harem as his mother did, he had prove himself as an adult first and have his own home. Krios wasn't letting any of his son's lovers into his home, it would break his poor wife's heart to see her baby all grown up. It also gave Trever something to work toward, a milestone to finally mark truly becoming a man. Trever from then on made it a point to take pride in his skills (as well as his body...old habits die hard). Trever would overall become a great warrior. Just like daddy.

It took quite a number of years, but eventually Trever was able to split and purchase his own cabin in the village with Jameson. The two boys fixed it up and made it into the bachelor pad of their dreams in their spare time. Both boys liked to be home with their respective parents more so, but the 'Wolf Den' was a good escape from their nagging mothers. Jameson wasn't really much for taking in company, be it friends or lovers, for he typically kept to himself, but Trever more than took advantage of the new abode. He invited local women over constantly, fed and wined them, but they always left before he could convince them to put out. He was usually lucky if he could see and touch a woman for five minutes before a father came through his door and smashed his face in. Jameson would laugh at Trever each time, lying that the idiot left the door open again to knock the blame off his shoulders for letting the angry men in. Cock blocking his best friend was among Jameson's favorite pass times and Trever was none the wiser.

After a point Trever wasn't even looking for a woman to satisfy him anymore. To pass time he typically worked out, hunted, riled up local men and fought them, or spent time with his parents. Other than that, he was dedicated to his growing rank and reputation as a warrior. He was almost as recognized as his parents now and was certainly feared when it was revealed that he was on the field. Trever, Son of Krios and Elaina Valens was a force no one wanted to run into. There was a battle between Central and the Northern Tribe, this time with Central at the offensive for a first in a long time, surely the first time Trever had seen his own offensive battle. Despite the treacherous and unfamiliar terrain, the Central Tribe's army was able to push through and into the Northern Tribe's village. After winning the fight and taking what was rightfully each man's Trever and Jameson scoured the field on their own, Trever unsatisfied with his haul. Jameson was just there to make sure he didn't get into trouble, as usual. Coming upon a home that seemed to be untouched by his shield brothers, Trever investigated. He discovered it to be the home of his own Northern rival, Balto Hourson, who fled before Trever could finally put an end to his sorry life. This was just what Trever was looking for, the biggest grin on his face as he began to scour his nemesis' home. At one point he went to go piss on his prized bearskin rug, but while his back was turned, a woman came out of no where and stabbed into Jameson's back with a knife. Trever drew his weapon and turned on her, to which she immediately surrendered and took to her knees and held her hands high, dropping the knife beside her. He approached and held the tip of his sword to her throat and kicked the knife further away from her. After many questions as he tied her up he found that she was Rainatha Day, Hourson's woman. He went to go patch Jameson up then and told him that they were taking her as a slave. Knowing Balto Hourson was a long time rival, he did not contest it but would not accept an invite to having his way with her as Trever planned to, for Jameson wasn't interested. Just trying to be nice and share with his beloved cousin, Trever shrugged it off with a 'well more for me then' attitude. Accepting her fate, she walked with the boys back to their home, her chin held high as most of the Central folk seemed to look down at her.

Rain was a slave here now and there was nothing she could do about that. She was a woman of honor and Trever had won her, knowing Balto left town with his tail between his legs. The situation could have been worse and she confided all of that to Trever. She wasn't satisfied nor displeased with the events today and just wanted him to have his way and be done with the rest of today. Trever simply huffed and took a few moments away from her to bathe himself and wash away all the grime of today's events. After he was clean he warmly offered a clean cloth and a bucket of fresh water to the woman. She didn't trust him, simply because of how nice and hospitable he was being. In fact, she took his hospitality as an insult and spat in his face as she passed him by to strip and clean up. He just shrugged it off and took to his bed and watched her. Rain ignored him, knowing he'd take her the second she turned her back, and she accepted it. But he never took advantage. In fact when she was finished, Trever was in bed, reading a book. In a way, this angered her to no end. She walked up to him and swatted the book from his hand. Trever looked up to her simply and blinked at her for a long while as she yelled at him about not fucking her and something being wrong with her. Her own insecurity was getting the best of her, which Trever was smart enough to know would happen. He kept his poker face on and simply held her face when she finally stopped yelling. He asked if she was done, which was only firing her up more. Before she could begin to berate him again, Trever planted a kiss on her lips and let nature take its course from there. She was much more relaxed and willing, even able to enjoy him, after surprising her and keeping her on her toes. Something Hourson was probably much too simple to do. Trever was a exquisite and passionate lover, to Rain's surprise. From then on she'd only pretend to mind being a slave to the notorious Trever Valens.

Rain was just what Trever needed in the house. She cooked, she cleaned, and then by night she would help him unwind. She was his personal whore so what could be better than that? His mother was hardly pleased with her son's new addition and so it was Elaina's personal job to make Rain as uncomfortable as humanly possible. Krios sort of just ignored the entire deal and just treated Rain as a normal woman. Trever was content so Krios wasn't going to mess with it. Rain was a strong and feisty woman, just like Elaina, which was probably the only reason they didn't get along, being too alike for their own good and all. Trever thought she was a little too snippy for him, otherwise within the months he probably would have thought about just marrying her. But he liked a good lady hunt and Rain made it all the more easier to get laid (as well as being more mature overall) so he felt no reason to settle down. Rain didn't mind his other women and in fact invited herself into the fun before Trever could even suggest it. Rain and Trever had a good thing going on, it was almost like she was his personal wingwoman with all the extra added benefits. Elaina grew more and more disgusted with her son's promiscuity then as years went by (hypocritical, yes). A letter was sent to her from an old friend, an agreement for an arranged marriage between her son and her long time mutually respected rival's daughter. The deal was sealed in a matter of a few months. She told Krios first and he sort of yielded to her judgment. Trever however, isn't so pleased...

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PostSubject: Re: Trever C. Valens   Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:52 pm

9 post cooldown for a 5 post duration Howl seems a little powerful. If the cooldown starts after the Howl's magic finishes, then I can see it, but if it's 9 posts after the first post, it seems rather OP, as it would only be 4 posts for cooldown where there's no effects going on
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Agreed. Fixed up!
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Trever C. Valens
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