With war around every corner, how will you handle the future?
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 Mizumi Tosunora

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PostSubject: Mizumi Tosunora    Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:45 am

Mizumi Hisoka Tosunora

Race: Vampire
Age: 3,479 (Looks to be in her early 20's)
Gender: Female

Looks: Mizumi is a very slight woman with long waist length silver hair and ruby red eyes. She is about 5'3" with a curvy figure even though there is not much there. She weighs 120 and looked to be under feed but really she is very fit and lean. Her skin is pale and it only makes the tattoos of on her wrists and back show up even more clearly. All of them are very tribal looking and done in a very dark ink even though they are somewhat faded they are still very clear. She holds herself high and is not afraid to make eye onto. But she also walks with a cat like grace of a well trained fighter. She usually wares a soft turtle neck brown shirt and a long split skirt that is split up her left side sides. She wears black thigh highs and Short ankle boots that go up her calf a bit in the front but not in the back. She has a black over skirt on top of it all and it is completely open in the front and long black finger-less gloves that go to her upper arm almost her shoulders bu not quite.  She will either ware her long silver hair loose and flowing or  tied back in a long braid.

Personality: Mizumi is usually a very calm and collected person. She is Sweet and even tempered and it takes more then the normal means too really make her angry. But if you do her wrath is nothing to be trifled with. She is very motherly and likes too take younger people under her wing and help them get through life. She loves a good fight and can be seen laughing and smiling through every fight no matter if she is losing of winning. She has a deep love for nature and for things untouched by man. Her calm demeanor typically brings people too her rather then her having too find her friends she makes them without trying because she is such a strong, weathered, and calm personality.

Children(Or those she sees as children)
Nice People
A Good Book
A Good Sparring Match

Dark Magic

Being completely and utterly alone in the world.

Special Characteristic:  Mizumi has the ability of Foresight. She can see into the future at most and these glimpses all ways hit her at odd times. They as speratic they can be seconds or years in advanced she has no control over what will come.Most with this ability go mad and can not control the gift and become trapped not knowing what is the present. Mizumi's one of the few to escape that lapse. The foresight can happen at any time but she is rendered helpless when it hits.


Mizumi had a very normal child hood up until she turned 10 and even as a human she had this strange ability too see the future. She was stolen away by the town temple too one of the old gods proclaimed too be an Oracal when she was just showing the first signs of a strange mage power. For 10  years she was locked away from the world. The Priests found out that pain brought the visions too her sooner so they would starve or beat her until she had a premonition and then send in a healer too take care of her.

When she was 20 one of the healers who had been taking care of her through all her abuse came to her during the night and offered her and escape. She practically jumped on the idea even not knowing what it would mean for her other then escape. That night he confessed he was a vampire and that if he was willing he could turn her and hopefully get rid of her gift that was slowly getting stronger and stronger every year. That night he turned her and as she was turning smuggled her out of the priest's "Care".

For many years she traveled and lived with her sire and he treated and loved her as a daughter and made sure she knew how too take care of herself and he also taught her how too fight. She was a natural at it and quite enjoyed the finally being in control of her life and no longer having the damned visions that plagued her for so long. She grew too love her sire and he taught so much and most of all he taught her too love again. something she had not done for a very long time.

30 years later she was laying asleep in her bed when the first of her visions started again. She awoke too the cabin door being kicked in and her nightmare coming true. Humans and Mages stormed the house and killed her sire and she only escaped alive because she had for warning of the event. For a long while after that she was practically feral for a year stealing what she needed and staying in the woods.

Almost 50 year later she stumbled on a village that needed protection and cared for every race it was very divers and she stayed and helped and it was there she stayed for almost 200 years. She helped everyone and loved them. She was content with her life and she only left when she realized she was no longer needed so she chose too go the big cities and see  who she could help there.

She made a name for herself as a protector and even though there was strife beginning between the races every race trusted and came too her for help. Her foresight was stronger then ever now and she saw some of the worst of it be fore it hit. She also saw a man in her life. He was a mage and that was all she knew about him other then his face. She put it all out of her mind because she felt this would be very farther in the future then was relevant too her at the moment. For 150 years she did this and had no problems with her life.

The day she met Zeferoth changed her life. She fell in love for the first time and it was strong and pure and that was when the wars stared. She collected younglings and took care of them treated them as her children and also had her love and she happy even through all the blood shed and war. They fought hard and some how managed too save the world through all the other shit that was going down at the same time and come out alive.

She spent the next several years with Zeferoth. They got married and had children. She was truly happy even though there was still blood shed especially from the humans. They helped who they could and took care of each other and their children at the same time.That is when it all went to hell...

One Night she was taken away from Zeferoth and there children. She remembers only that the last time she saw them they where alive. She Only left because her captures told her they would live and be left alone if she came quietly. So that is what she did. She was dragged deep into the mountains by humans and mages. There they threw her in a cave and the most powerful mage she had ever encountered put her in a deep sleep. A stasis that was meant  to last. For she had killed the Mother of this mage during the war and they wanted revenge. They knew she was not afraid of death. That she was scared of being alone. They knew if this spell was ever broken by then she would wake up. ALONE. Her family hopefully long since dead and the world had forgotten even the name of the Great Hero Mizumi. She is currently now in the stasis still waiting too be found. for the first soul to enter her Sleeping tomb will break the spell and finally release her from her eternal sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Mizumi Tosunora    Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:14 pm

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Mizumi Tosunora
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