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 Ishia Oteara

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Ishia Oteara


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PostSubject: Ishia Oteara   Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:47 am

Ishia Oteara

Race: Changeling
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Looks: Ishia is a slimly built male with blue eyes. His hair is a darkish blue and is completely natural. No one knows why it is, but it is. He is roughly 5 foot 6 inches tall and is about 160 pounds. His face is angular and he has high cheekbones. His brow is not very pronounced. He has lean arms and is lean in the torso, but has a very powerful legs. He has a lot of muscle in his lower legs. He usually wears a black cotton shirt with no collar and short sleeves, but tends to wear a white cotton jacket over it. His pants are black cotton as well, and reach to his ankles. His shoes are a worked brown leather, which makes it both comfortable and tactical.

Personality: Ishia is a very calm and laid back person. He does what he wants, when he wants. But he's also very compassionate and caring. He hates seeing his friends in pain or distress, and will do anything in his power to make it better no matter the cost to himself. But even he has his limits. Once you piss him off, he gets very quiet and VERY serious. In battle, he's always joking around in his Human form. He prefers to use his agility to aid him in Human form, and would rather incapacitate kill. However, when he's in his Bobcat form, he will not hesitate to kill as he has a little bit of a taste for flesh in that form.

Night time

Rude people

Ishia has a fear of large fires, like those found in burning villages.

Special Characteristic:

Main Form: Bobcat with a spotted pelt. This is used for combat.

Secondary: Silver Fox. This is used for speed and mobility.


History: Ishia was born in the mountains near the Vampire city of Arborla. He was born to a family that was very family-oriented, and he was cared for. However, he wasn't the only child of his family. His older sister and brother were raised well enough though, and welcomed their baby brother into the family with open arms. From a young age, Ishia was very curious and VERY mobile, crawling by 1 month and walking by 3 months. His parents were astounded by this since his siblings were not as quick to these as he was. So by the time he first transformed, it wasn't a surprise when he chose his first form as a very mobile feline: the mountain Bobcat.

After a decade of growing up in the deep mountains, Ishia decided he wanted to see the outside world. Saying goodbye to his parents and leaving them with something to say to Caedyn and Raea, his brother and sister respectively, left to the south. The first place he visited was the Vampire city of Arborla. He was welcomed with open arms, since the Changeling held a good relation with the Vampires, and was even given a place to stay for the night. This stop was only for provisions though, and soon he was well on his way to the Human lands. it took several days and by the time he reached a small village, he was out of food and drink. While he could technically hunt in either of his forms, he had heard stories of how Humans sometimes killed Changelings without realizing it, so instead Ishia stayed in the little village for a few days, resting up and preparing to head out. However, on the night of his final night, the village was attacked by some sort of creature that wasn't fully Human. before Ishia could do anything aside from wake up, his room of the inn was aflame and filling with smoke. Panicking, Ishia transformed into the bobcat form and knocked down the door. This, however, was a bad idea. Flames rushed into the room, singing Ishia's fur and creating a burn. Ishia didn't notice it though. He was in survival mode. He burst out of the inn door and ran as far south as he could before dropping and licking his wounds.

After that night, Ishia could barely tolerate flames for some time. As he made his way towards Jenar, he carefully avoided Humans and Mages for as long as possible. When he reached Jenar, he decided to rest for a while to finally allow his wounds to heal. So, with what little money he had left, he bought a room for several nights and a dagger for safety. Eventually, Ishia found that he needed to make money if he wanted anything. So he decided to go hunting. This, in his mind, was the best thing he could have ever done. He made decent money hunting and selling the meat and furs, and soon bought a place of his own and even a weapon. But there was one thing the Humans didn't know: he was a Changeling, and he wasn't going to tell anyone. Another decade and a half has passed and Ishia still hunts, even though they all know he's a changeling now. He visits his family ever now and again and is often traveling to find new game and adventures.

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Ishia Oteara
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