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 Relius Xero

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Zeferoth Chaosu


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PostSubject: Relius Xero   Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:53 pm

Relius Xero

Race: Mage
Age: 19
Gender: Boy

Relius has short blond hair that his slightly spiked back, and slightly tanned skin. His eyes and upper part of his face is hidden by a gold masquerade half mask. He wore a black, high collar cloak over his nice white dress shirt and red dress pants. He wares black shin high boots polished to a shine. He has a small bit of facial hair covering his chin and jaw. He wears a pair of white gloves over his hands.

Relius is a meticulous worker who puts everything he has into his task and studies. He works single-mindedly always tinkering and adjusting his experiments. He is always looking for more research subjects for him to experiment on and reanimate. He sees everything in the mind of a scientist from people to animals.

Relius has a matter of fact attitude and always want to get straight to the point in a conversation. If someone wants something of him, he wants to know what it is and why. Most of the expressions he ever shows are curiosity and a sly confidence. He doesn't seem to show his anger unless someone is interrupting his experiments or ties to tamper with his experiments.

His Experiments: He loves to work and be involved in his work.
The Dead: The dead do not object to his experiments nor do they interrupt him.
Knowledge: He is a scientist by nature. This one should be obvious.

Interruptions: He hates being interrupted for anything. He gets more so with each interruption.
Other Mages: The other Mages ostracized him and shunned him because of his work.

Failure: He fears dying before he can finish his work
The Destruction of his Experiment: Enough said

Special Characteristic:
Necro-Puppets: Relius can control puppets that he had raised from the dead and experimented on. Each puppet has its own unique skill set and fighting strategy. He can control them directly using "strings" of magic. This will allow him to possibly utilize the puppets abilities to their greatest potential in a given situation, or he can use a sort of telepathy and allow the puppet to fight on its own. His magic is a fusion of Necromancy and Metal magic with a emphasis on the former. When he experiments on a body, he tries to recreate as much of the original powers as possible.


Relius was a prodigy and excelled at an early age. He was able to learn many types of magic while he was young and always had a thirst for more. He wanted to learn as much as he could about everything he studied no matter the subject. Soon he grew tired of the subjects that the other mages pushed onto him, and grew more and more interested in the dark arts. They specifically forbade him from ever looking into the dark arts, but of course he saw this as a challenge and looked deeply into those subjects the first chance he got.

For years he studied the dark arts of necromancy. He worked on many experiments with a fellow mage that he came to get rather close to, Claudia. She always assisted that young mage-scientist in every experiment seemingly no matter how revolting the experiment was. Their relationship grew deeper and more intemite as the years went on. They would be seen together out on the town when she convinced Relius to take a break from his experiments. They were so happy together, but that happiness was only short lived.

The mages grew suspicious of Relius and his long absences. They had convinced Claudia to reveal their experiments and plans at the price of being let off the hook, and immune from any punishments. A group of mages stormed Relius' laboratory and tried to arrest him, but of course he resisted. He fought with some of his half finished experiments succeeding in defeating the mages, but at the cost of his laboratory. It had caught fire during the battle and almost all of his experiments were destroyed save for one. He asked Claudia to come with him and exact his revenge after growing an army, but she refused. He soon fled his home roaming the lands for more subjects to experiment on both dead and alive.

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Ishia Oteara


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PostSubject: Re: Relius Xero   Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:38 pm

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Relius Xero
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