With war around every corner, how will you handle the future?
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 Aurran "Strix" Blackblade

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Strix Blackblade

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PostSubject: Aurran "Strix" Blackblade   Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:17 pm

Aurran "Strix" Blackblade

Race: Mage
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Looks: Strix Is average for a Mage.  Only 5'9", 175 lbs, with dark brown hair he keeps pulled back in a ponytail and hazel eyes that seem to shift between shades of green and blue depending on the light.  He's well muscled, but comfortably so.  The body of a man who's spent his life holding a blade.
He wears simple, mobile clothes, typically a deep red shirt and brown pants, cut loose for mobility.  He keeps his sleeves at a three quarter length, to keep them out of the way when he's fighting.  His favorite boots are simple brown leather, perfect for walking, running, or fighting, but about as pretty as the beast they were made from. His shirt is tunic style, belted at the waist, with a leather shoulder strap to keep his sword across his back.  his only nod to personality in his clothing are the two silver rings pierced into his left ear, near the top along the cartilage.

Personality:Strix was given his nickname in his army days for his typically quiet demeanor.  He's slow to anger, slow to excite, and generally tends to hold back on his emotions. He's calm and collected even in battle, and considers emotional outbursts a weakness.
Despite his obvious proficiency in battle, Strix prefers to avoid a battle when possible, using stealth tactics or diplomacy when possible(not necessarily in that order).
Recently, Strix has found a louder, more compassionate side of himself as a teacher. He owns a small dojo where he teaches a few mage students and some aspiring swordsmen.  He's a patient teacher, using his magic to prevent accidents and heal small wounds.

Early morning walks in the city
A good sparring partner
His students

Aggressive posturing
Most of his students' parents

Boats. Not deep water or drowning, but actually being on a boat fills Strix with dread.
Also, Strix fear betrayal. Not others betraying him, that only angers him. Strix fear being forced to betray his friends and allies, be it through dark magic or more mortal means.

Special Characteristic: Strix's primary magic is Counter Magic, with healing as a loose secondary.  Stix actually gave up a lot of his magic in the creation of his weapon, The Blackblade, but he retains a few powers.  He can pull the magic out of a single spell, although not as quickly as most mages can poor energy into a spell.  He can also create a field about himself that acts as a thick sludge to magic, slowing and confusing it.  This grounds out weaker magic, like those of his students, and can cause even the best mages to miss as their spells can't find a being to lock on to.


History: Strix was born to a small farmstead near the werewolf forest, and met more than his share of creatures growing up.  as small landowners, his family simply didn't have the time for bigotry, so he grew up open minded.  
Despite his family open mindedness, they never thought to have their children checked for mage potential, and so Strix's early affinity for magical energys was chalked up to a healthy imagination.  It wasn't until; just after his eighth birthday that a wandering mage recognized his talent for what it was, and took Strix on as an apprentice.
As soon as he hit his fourteenth birthday, Strix joined the military, hoping to protect peace amongst the realms.  Instead, Strix found war and death, and his new title 'Blackblade'.  When He save a regiment with quick thinking and sly tactics, he was awarded an officership, and with it a magic weapon to be paid for by the supirior officer who's life he saved. When the smith asked him what he wanted, Strix offered to let the smith use his own deep well of counter magic to make a weapon that would be harmful to enemy magic users.  The smith succeeded, permanantly diminishing Strix's own powers, but creating the sword that earned him a title that Strix fights to outlive. Mage slayer.
Eventually, Strix left the military for all the same reasons he joined it,But ten years of his life had changed him into who he now is. Much of his demeanor and mannerisms come from his military training.
Soon after leaving the military Strix met Adieo when he took a job as a bodyguard for hire.  It was Adieo who encouraged Strix to open his own dojo, and soon after Strix left the guard company to do just that.
The last eight years of his life have been spent training any mage who comes to his door, most often outcast children from rich families trying to keep face, as he built a reputation on being good at what he does, but also for preventing harm from coming to his students.
Just two years ago, Strix surprised both himself and Adieo by asking Adieo to be his life partner.  The two have been together ever since.

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PostSubject: Re: Aurran "Strix" Blackblade   Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:04 pm

For right now I'm going to say yes. But later maybe not as the site is getting fixed and worked upon. So for now...


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Aurran "Strix" Blackblade
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