With war around every corner, how will you handle the future?
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 Adieo "Vulpes" Blackblade

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Vulpes Blackblade

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PostSubject: Adieo "Vulpes" Blackblade   Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:25 pm

Adieo "Vulpes" Blackblade

Race: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Looks: Vulpes is 5'6", with tanned skin, dirty blonde hair, and piercing emerald eyes.  His hair is cropped short, but he's never been known to do anything with it but cut it. He's got a lot of wirey muscle, but a long sleeve shirt is all it would take to mistake him for tiny guy.
Typically, Vulpes wears a sleeveless blue tunic, charred around the edges, and dark grey pants that tend to look more black by the end of the day.  at work, Vulpes wears thick leather gauntlets and an apron, both in simple brown leather.
Away from work, Vulpes either wears his armor, which was one of his first true enchantments, or simple blue sleeveless tunics edged with white.  

Personality: Vulpes is trusting to a fault.  At work, he's always in a good mood, bouncing around the shop or taking a break from selling to work the forge.  Every customer is treated as an old friend, offered water, or even some food near midday.  
Away from work, Vulpes is just as energetic, but does have his down moments.
He worries about Strix when he's away on missions, andsometime even the smallest things will fighten, worry, or annoy him, but he can usually get himself right in the head by making something or venting to Strix.
In regards to battle, Vulpes is far to friendly and trusting to ever willingly draw his blade against someone, but he's not afraid to defend himself if he must.  hours with a hammer and anvil have left him strong enough to fight, but he'll always run if he can.

Anything at the beach
Cooling off
His new best friend, you.

People who don't want to be his friends
Shoddy craftsmanship
Crappy metal
People who think weapons are only good for war

Fears: Vulpes fears some of the things he knows he could make if he tried.  He often wakes up at night from nightmares that bring him visions of how to make evil blades.

Special Characteristic: Vulpes is a Magic smith.  He can create magical arms and armor.


History: Vulpes is from a long line of smiths that have lived and worked in the same shop in Zalsabad for almost five hundred years.  He was raised with a hammer in hand, and taught to smith magic into metal on his ninth birthday.
When he was sixteen, He was left to run the shop when his father fell ill, and though he lived, his lungs were too scarred for him to do the work required in smithing.  It didn't take long for Vulpes to realize that He wasn't cut out for customer service, so he started hiring help.  After an armed robber forced him to fight to defend his shop, He hired Strix as a bodyguard, and the two were fast friends.
Years passed, and Vulpes began to think about what he'd like to make for his masterpiece, but those plans were set on the backburner when Strix proposed two years ago.  Vulpes was pleased to take the name Blackblade as his own, and Strix's influence has left him with a multitude of ideas for his Masterwork weapon.

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PostSubject: Re: Adieo "Vulpes" Blackblade   Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:33 am

For now this is fine until I say otherwise (sorry for the long wait). anyways have fun!

[Insert Complicated Dramatic Post Here] ~ Trever
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Adieo "Vulpes" Blackblade
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