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 Scythe of Shadows - Melanie's Weapon

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Melanie Rachael Havnos


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PostSubject: Scythe of Shadows - Melanie's Weapon   Sun Jan 11, 2015 12:15 pm


Crystalline (Crystal/Cry)
Official Name: Scythe of Shadows

Appearance: Exactly the same as the picture except the handle is wooden instead of metal. The blue ball in the handle is a magical crystal that powers the weapon’s magic.

Weapon Type: It is a scythe with a small axe blade opposite it and a pointed blade on the handle.

Effective Range: The scythe is 6 feet long with a reach of 3 feet.

Enchantment: A slight obscuring fog, more like a mist, follows this weapon wherever it goes, despite its wielder and even if it has no wielder. This fog has only a slight hindrance on vision. It’s more for aesthetics though it can occasionally play a role in battle. It’s a fog more based off shadows it’s radiating rather than actual water-vapor. Any person capable of detecting it, could tell it emanates a dark magic. It’s previous owner was a necromancer.

For a duration of 1 post, upon activation, the scythe emanates a great obscuring fog of shadows so opaque that every character within 30ft of the weapon is only capable of seeing 10ft; and that is with some struggle. After the power is used, it needs a total of 3 posts worth of recharge. The crystal functions off dark energy though, so it is only capable of recharging in shadows or in the dark of night. If the scythe is in the process of recharging but is moved into the sunlight for most of a post, that post does not count toward it’s recharging requirement.
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Ishia Oteara


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PostSubject: Re: Scythe of Shadows - Melanie's Weapon   Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:52 pm

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Scythe of Shadows - Melanie's Weapon
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