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 First Meeting of the Unlikely Betrothed Ones (Shaylyn)

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Shaylyn Nisandern


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PostSubject: Re: First Meeting of the Unlikely Betrothed Ones (Shaylyn)   Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:30 pm

It was a very silent walk. This was actually really weird. For once he didn't have anything to say. Though the walk was awkward, it was fine. Shaylyn just waited for him to get home and start throwing a fit. And thankfully they had gone to his parents home and he did throw a fit. Not only him but also his father. Well let them yell and bitch about it. Her work here was done. Time to go sit down and just relax. "Oh look at that. Looks like it's time for us to go home mother. Our work here is done. If he doesn't want to marry me then good. I don't want to marry him either." So with a smug look upon her face, the wolf flopped upon a chair and got ready to have her parent s back this thing and get out of there. Or at leas that was what she thought was going to happen.

Her mother had other plans. Walking over to Shaylyn, Evelyn raised her hand and slapped her daughter across the face. Silence fell upon the home as the older wolf snarled down at her daughter. "What do you mean you aren't a virgin?" Shaylyn sat there with shock upon her face as Evelyn continued to rip into her daughter. "Who the hell could you be sleeping with? What are you? Some kind of whore?" Alder stepped forward towards the two girls. "Hey now Evelyn. Those are some strong words. I'm sure we can solve this." Evelyn snapped at her husband now. "Solve this? Solve this? How are we going to solve this Alder? Your daughter went running about with who knows who."

"With Link, mother." Shaylyn grumbled to her mother as she gently placed a hand upon her sore face. "I told you, I was planning on marrying him until you threw this on me." Now it was wrong. But still she didn't care. If she got into trouble over this and the other two wanted to end it all, that was fine with her. If she had to get banished, that was fine. She would be with Link and everything would be alright. Let her mother rant and rave all she wanted. It wasn't going to solve the problem that she had given herself to someone else. It wasn't going to give her virginity back to Trever who took many girls womanhood's.

"Evelyn. Shaylyn did say she was going to marry him, you were the one who said no." Evelyn let out a heated huff but Alder ignored it and turned to Kiros and Elaina. "These two woman have been at one another for months at this point. Excuse them. But I doubt this little blemish is a problem. I mean look at your relationship, Krios." He turned to the mountain off to the side. Alder knew well of the relationship of the two Valens before him. It wasn't exactly something you could hide. Sooner or later someone was going to tell on them. "After all, you married a woman who had both men and woman as sex slaves. And isn't your son known for taking another man's wife and making her stay with him?"

Shaylyn snapped her attention to her father. She knew he was going to try and rationalize this with the other two. No. He was still on her mother's side? "No! I am not marrying that bastard. He's a monster!" Alder raised his hand and silenced his daughter, not once taking his eyes off of Krios. "My daughter has a temper to her. She has been trying to get out of this for a while now. And the comment I had said earlier is not one made in an attack against you, your honor, your son's honor, or your family. I am just stating the facts here that both children, in their own right, are in the wrong one way or another. To my knowledge, she only slept with one man whom beat her in a challenge. But to be fair, Trever also beat her many times over. I would know, she would complain about it when he did so. So..." He turned to Elaina at this point. "If you are still willing, we can still have this wedding. If not, then both of us have to agree that both children are the fault of this not working out."

Shaylyn stared at her father, about ready to kill something while her mother looked to husband, then to Krios, and then Elania; almost pleading her long time rival and friend to make this happen.
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Trever Valens


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PostSubject: Re: First Meeting of the Unlikely Betrothed Ones (Shaylyn)   Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:14 pm

"It was my choice as a free man to love and marry a respectable and skilled maiden such as Elaina. In fact, it was an honor! Don't you dare turn this against my son, he's allowed to have a choice. My son follows in both our foot steps as the most renowned warrior of the Central Tribe and so he can do as he pleases with his conquests. Don't you DARE blame him for his birth given right as a man and a warrior! He doesn't want your filthy trash of a daughter so how about you just get the fuck out? That is his choice and I will stand by it until my dying breath. We're with done your whore of a daughter and so thus we are done here. End of story. Get out of my house." Krios would then literally shoulder check Alder on the way to stomping off into his own bedroom, enraged by Alder and his stupid words. He didn't even stick around for the preface that his words weren't there to insult him. Krios after all was a man of action, honor, and tradition. He wasn't going to sit by and speak about anything that compromised that.

However, this wasn't Krios' call, which is perhaps why he left the room. Elaina to a point agreed mainly with her son and her husband, but she simply had a hard time going back on her word. Likewise, she refused to look wishy washy either. She had to remain firm on her own choice...but she first had to understand which choice she would fight for. "I'm sorry for him...both of them. Just...excuse me a moment." Elaina would then walk into her son's room and close the door behind her. "It isn't her virginity. No, you'd be much more adamant than that and you likely wouldn't have left the room. Something else bothers you." She knew her son much too well.

"She belongs to someone else. I may have been the first to defeat her, but that isn't so in her eyes. She fell for someone else. He should have her, because that is what would make her happy. Keeping her here wouldn't feel right to me. Maybe it would if she were just generally displeased...but knowing she has someone waiting for her...waiting on this marriage to fall through...Im not going to tempt fate. I'm not going to make someone unhappy or start a war to have someone that isn't mine." He'd look to his mother remorsefully then. "I don't deserve to be unwanted...and I think you of all people should respect that."

"You're right. I didn't know...I'm sorry..." Elaina seemed to already no the answer. But in the same token, she didn't want it to be the right answer. That was her second apology in one day, so Trever knew he must have been right. "You deserve only the best I can give you. I thought this would be right...I was wrong." She'll shake her head. "I'll just go tell them to leave...no sense in feeding enemies." Elaina would walk out then to go be the bearer of bad news. "I'm sorry. My son is firm on his refusal. I'm afraid you all must have come here for nothing...you're free to go. Best regards."
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Shaylyn Nisandern


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PostSubject: Re: First Meeting of the Unlikely Betrothed Ones (Shaylyn)   Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:49 pm

Shaylyn watched as the taller Valens left the room and watched as the smaller Valens went off to her son. This was the final moment. This was the moment that everything was going to be decided. Shaylyn felt as if all her breath had been taken from her. If the woman came back and said they could leave, she would be out. She would be so out. Shay wouldn't even care the reason why, she would be out and running to Link. But if she had to stick around, then that was going to be hell. How long did it take for Elaina to come back with the answer? Who knows. Shaylyn lost track of the time. But she did finally come back with that answer. And it was the answer she had been dying to hear for months. She couldn't contain her happiness. Quickly she walked up to the smaller female and hugged her. "Thank you so much. I'll repay you for the money wasted on the dress. No worries. Thank you for your company but we must be going." And she left the building without a second thought. Shaylyn was free. She was free of that man and she could go home to Link.She was going to go to him as fast as her legs could carry her. Not even bothering to wait for her parents. Finally this was over with.

End. For now~
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PostSubject: Re: First Meeting of the Unlikely Betrothed Ones (Shaylyn)   

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First Meeting of the Unlikely Betrothed Ones (Shaylyn)
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